Visualizing the improvements in LLM text generation

We tested the three popular OpenAI GPT models with the seed text "As a founder, she was excited!"...

GPT 2018
As a founder, she was excited! then she made up such a huge number he had his mind just so I did - "no need - the whole school seems to feel it like the worst idea ever.
GPT-2 2019
As a founder, she was excited! For the first time in her life she felt like she could take on a role that could help her reach her personal goals. As she began to see the results of her work, she began to see the benefits of sharing her work with her community and the world.
GPT-3 2020
As a founder, she was excited! She was thrilled to be able to bring her product to market. The US market wasn't as big as it is today, and her product was perfect for it. She had a great product, a great team, and a great market. However, she quickly realized that there was a lot more to starting a company than just having a great product. She needed to build a brand, raise awareness, and drive sales.